Wednesday, 15 August 2012

To Ikea!

Chanel Rouge Allure in colour Pirate
Since I am moving out in 3 weeks, me and mam decided to go to Ikea today to see if we could get hold of some household bits and we successfully bought 6 pillows, a duvet, some kitchen utensils and a cutlery tub thing to drain cutlery in after its been washed. So i thought I'd test out my Chanel samples today for the occasion, so I started off with the one I think will be my favourite out of the 4 samples I have, this one is called 'Pirate' and I'd say it is a darker blue based red, the application was very smooth, and although I love lipstick I've never really applied any with a brush before and since the brush that came with the sample is tiny that only added to the problem, however I persevered and managed to apply a thin layer and got the outline of my lips done and after that I applied more colour with my fingers. the longevity is pretty good, I managed to eat and drink without getting it all over my face and although the colour faded in the middle of my lips it didn't look too horrific. 

I know its not great but at least the colour stayed on, it was also fairly moisturising I didn't feel the need to apply vaseline or anything over the top. I also tested out Hoola, and that didn't budge all day. I really like it!

Since I'd never been to Ikea I thought I'd opt for some comfy shoes so went for Vans and then worked my outfit out around them, and I really wanted to wear jeans today so I did. I always feel like jeans aren't dressy, I mean they aren't really, but I've never had a really good pair so whenever I've worn jeans in the past they've been too big, the wrong leg length etc so it has coloured my view on them but since I took the time to find a pair that actually fit, I've been choosing them more regularly in outfits, which for me is quite a step up!

Denim Jacket - Primark, Blouse - Dorothy Perkins, Jeans - River Island, Vans - Office, Bag - M&S

I also did unintentional double denim, aww yeah. I'm loving topknots at the moment as well, I think they elongate my face since my face is quite wide and round. Its also because when i was little my mam would never let me get my hair past shoulders so i could never have a really high pony tail so now since my hair is slightly past my shoulders and I can get all of it in a bobble when its on top of my head I am milking this hairdo for all its worth, even if it does look like I am balancing an onion on my head. 

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