Monday, 13 August 2012


Chanel Freebies!

Orange blazer - Topshop, Racer Back Cut-out Asymmetrical Blouse - Topshop, Black Maxi dress - H&M, Sparkly boots - Schuh.

Went into Newcastle today initially to look for a black skater skirt, and found one in River Island alas it was too big and so I didn't bother, but I did find some unintentional treats in Boots and John Lewis.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect bronzer for quite some time now, a bronzer with no orange tones or sparkle that I could use to contour. So far I've tried a Rimmel Sunkissed affair, the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer and a one from Marks and Spencers, but they've all been too orange so today, by chance I went by the Benefit counter because my mam was enquiring about BB creams since she doesn't know what they are, so i asked if they did any bronzers that weren't orange, or if they knew of anywhere else that did. So I got recommended Hoola, which is a lovely cool toned brown colour, I wouldn't personally call it a bronzer cos it looks too cool, but that is because I am used to orange sparkly bronzer, but I digress, I've only tested it on the back of my hand at the counter in town and haven't tested it on my face but I've got a good feeling about this..

The powder looks a little warm toned on here but it seems more cool toned in person, Benefit packaging is so cute too! My friend always uses Benefit powder and it reminds me of her and I think its some of the nicest packaging I've ever seen, and the box has a hidden magnet so the lid snaps shut easily and is reasonably secure, I'm super happy about this purchase! From Boots I also bought Bourjois Clubbing mascara: 

And some pink sparkly nail varnish from Revlon, called Sparkling.

The consistency of this is quite runny and the glitter doesn't transfer onto the nails with any opacity, it seems like more of a topcoat however a few with a few applications I've managed to build up a very sparkly nail but the nail line is still visible but never mind!

The thing I am most stoked about though, is this...

Chanel samples! Hahah, I've never bought anything from Chanel in my life but we were browsing the little stand thing in John Lewis and I was fingering the Soleil De Tan stuff, and the woman came over and asked if we were alright, so I was like I was on your website the other day and I saw this lipstick, Rouge Allure somethingsomething.. and she told me that they weren't out yet but that she had samples. And I had mentioned a colour that I had seen online called Sensuelle or something, and she said that that particular shade wasn't in the samples but that I should still have a look, and since its my 21st in December, my mam wants to get me something good that I wouldn't usually buy for myself so I thought that a Chanel lipstick would be an excellent choice since I am obsessed with lippy. I think my favourite one out of these is probably Pirate, cos it seems darker than the rest and I am a sucker for a vampy lip, my favourite colour lipstick to wear is Vamp by Topshop, its a deep plummy purple with red in it, its fucking lush. I also got Cyber by MAC a while ago and I think its a little too dark for me, but I don't even care I love that too. I think my least favourite out of these Chanel ones though, will be Incandescente because its more of an orangey red, and I always associate orangey reds with highlighting the yellow in your teeth, but we'll see I guess! 

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